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“Rosie and I feel strongly that people should know where their food comes from. We raise every pig, ensuring meticulous quality control from our farm to your table.

And while Willowgrove Hill offers a farm-fresh, succulent product, great health is at the heart of everything we do.

We market to consumers who share our concern for eating healthy, fresh and locally produced food. That’s why we consider ourselves part of the global functional food movement that seeks to offer choices that are health-promoting and/or disease-preventing. We strive for continuous improvement – that’s our family commitment to you.

Another reason to feel good about Willowgrove Hill pork? By supporting a local business you not only reap the rewards of freshness and Ontario’s stringent standards (considered among the best pork producers in the world, and at the forefront of advancement), you also help to reduce our province’s carbon footprint!

Home raised, our pork products get to Ontario tables faster and fresher.  And while the great taste of fresh food is important, local production is also more environmental, using a reduced carbon footprint to get to the end consumer. Supporting Willowgrove Hill – and other local farmers – is not only good for Ontario and its economy – it’s good for the planet!

We invite you to learn more by looking through this website.  And if you’re in Mitchell, Ontario, drop by the farm and treat your family to pork that’s raised and produced locally by the Hills - a family who truly cares about the quality and the health benefits of the products we produce.”

Yours truly,
Paul, Rosie, Maddie and Joey Hill