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Keep Dad healthy this Father’s Day with Omega 3 BACON!

TORONTO, ONTARIO (May 27, 2008) - Feeding Dad on Father’s Day this year comes with more choice than ever before as the functional food and locavore movements kick their offerings up a notch.

Why not celebrate Father’s Day by making your Dad breakfast in bed, complete with Omega 3 and Organic Selenium enhanced bacon?

Or barbecue a yummy dinner with Omega 3 and Organic Selenium pork ribs or chops? Tender and delicious, these cuts are not only good for his brain and heart, they are local!

This is the first Father’s Day that Ontario Dads can enjoy their favourite pork as a functional food. Now you can cook with pork that is nutritionally enhanced with DHA/EPA Omega 3 and Organic Selenium - key components associated with the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

Omega 3 and Selenium also support the normal development of the brain, eyes and nerves and promote proper immune function. DHA Omegas are also considered important for pregnant women as they are thought to help the developing brain of fetuses.

And the best news is that it is local – produced for the very first time in Ontario by a farmer in Mitchell, just a short drive from Toronto and perfect for those who now label themselves locavore.

The pork hits a home run on three levels: it’s extremely fresh, healthy and locally produced.

Paul and Rosie Hill have developed a unique process to introduce Omegas and Selenium naturally through feed, based on a specially formulated diet that includes high-quality corn and soybeans. No growth promotants of any kind are used.

And for help planning that Father’s Day dinner, a list of Rosie Hill’s delicious pork recipes can be found on their website at www.willowgrovehill.com.

For more information about Omega 3 and Organic Selenium pork, please contact Trish Tervit at 416-203-3472.