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Now Canadians Can Finally Pig Out on Healthy Bacon

Ontario Farmer Pioneers Omega 3 and Organic Selenium Pork

TORONTO, ONTARIO (August 8, 2008): Paul and Rosie Hill have become the first farmers in Ontario to offer pork that is nutritionally enhanced with DHA/EPA Omega 3 and Organic Selenium – key components associated with the prevention of cancer and cardiovascular disease.

From their Willowgrove Hill farm in Mitchell near Stratford, Paul and Rosie are the first to introduce Omegas and Selenium naturally through feed, based on a specially formulated diet that includes high-quality corn and soybeans. No growth promotants of any kind are used.

The pork hits a home run on three levels: it’s extremely fresh, healthy and locally produced.

It’s taken a long time to develop a formula for great tasting, nutritionally enhanced pork, but Paul and Rosie were committed to the project. After losing their young son Ryan to liver cancer in 2001, they were inspired to further enhance their premium-quality pork and ensure that their family – and all of their customers – had an accessible, healthy choice.

Well known for cancer prevention, Omega 3 and Selenium also support the normal development of the brain, eyes and nerves and promote proper immune function. DHA Omegas are also considered important for pregnant women as they are thought to help the developing brain of fetuses.

Paul and Rosie are down-to-earth Ontario farmers trying their best to offer as healthy a product as they can to Canadians.  If you would like to interview them, please contact Trish Tervit at 416-203-3472. A list of Rosie Hill’s delicious pork recipes can be found on their website at www.willowgrovehill.com.