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"I tasted the pork and it was wonderful....full of flavour, juicy and had a totally different protein makeup that would allow our chefs more flexibility when cooking the product for group business."

Rory Golden
Executive Chef, Deerhurst Resort

"We support Willowgrove Hill Farms as a key vendor as they have demonstrated the type of product innovation and committed selling approach that is proven to be successful in the foodservice industry."

Jim Robinson
Category Lead Protein, Gordon Food Service

"In addition to the health benefits, their product quality is second to none – always fresh and always tender."

Gerry Remark
Remark Fresh Markets

"Our customers all have different reasons for wanting your healthier product line, but they all agree: it is the best pork product they have ever tasted."

Mike Nichols
Big Daddy’s Fresh Meats

"This high level of innovation and attention to the close relationship between responsible agriculture and public health has raised the bar for producers not only in Ontario, but also throughout the world..."

Gary Schellenberger, MP

"Every introduction to a new chef, global sourcing team, international colleagues along with buyers and consumers alike has always been positive and it is wonderful to see the reaction to a product that not only has beneficial health claims but excellent flavour as well."

Shannon McCarthy
Export Marketing Officer, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture
Business Development Branch
Export Unit

"Paul and Rose Hill's is the simple, yet eloquent story of hard work in the face of adversity...Willowgrove Hill farms exemplifies the spirit of innovation and perseverance that will advance Ontario's agri-food industry."

John Schut
Business Development Consultant, Ontario Ministry of Agriculture
Business Development Branch
Business and Investment Unit

"Their products were proudly served to world leaders at the recent G8 Summit in Huntsville, and their ribs recently placed 3rd at the Jack Daniel’s World BBQ Competition – both opportunities to promote Ontario pork at the global level."

Wilma Jeffray
Chair, Ontario Pork Board of Directors

"A few of my personal addictions are La Natura Salsa Verde and Willowgrove Hill side bacon."

Kathleen Mackintosh
Owner, Culinarium


“I made the cottage roll this past weekend for some friends.  It was tender and delicious.  I used apple juice instead of ginger ale and added whole clove and a cinnamon stick to the broth.”

Mary Bamford
Registered Dietitian

“‘Wow.  I think that was the word I used for cutting into the cottage roll, and again for the first bite!”

Brad McMullen, Store Manager
Summerhill Market

“The pork chops were amazing...I had everyone for Mother's Day yesterday...purposely did not say anything just to get their honest feedback and they were raving!!!”

Debbie Comuzzi
President & CEO
Children's Health Foundation

“We noticed that the bacon was less salty than compared to store bought bacon, and has a well rounded flavour. It is also less brittle – perfect for bacon sandwiches!

There was also noticeably less shrinking during cooking than with conventional bacon.”

Aaron Beatty, M.Sc.
Business Improvement Group, Inc.

 “We’ve had a chance to try your pork and the ribs were great. The black forest ham was very well liked. We cooked it with some pineapple and had as a welcome home for my son who was in school in the U.S.”

David Ramsdale
Children's Health Foundation

“We had the Omega 3 pork sausage last Sunday for dinner.  Immediately it was noted that the sausage was very lean – much leaner than most of the sausages in the marketplace – yet the sausage held together well, and did not crumble in the cooking process.  The taste of honey and garlic was as good as the best sausages eaten in the past – pleasant texture, pleasant taste and no lingering aftertaste.  We rated the sausage a 10 out of possible 10 points for flavour, leanness, and digestibility.  Definitely a great product!”

Jim Craig
VP SR & ED Services
Business Improvement Group Inc.

"It was awesome!!!!! Have had it for dinner, breakfast the next day, lunch that day and dinner the next!! Gave some out at the gym, and while I was handing it out I was showing people where your contact info was, as well as telling them about the Omega-3 and Selenium components and that it was the best damn bacon EVER!"

Katie Cher, RHN, RNCP
CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 1
Pinacle Health & Fitness