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While pork provides many important nutrients that contribute to a well-balanced diet, Willowgrove Hill takes those attributes to a whole new level by being at the forefront of the "functional food" movement: we're the first and only pork producers in North America to offer a product that's enriched nutritionally with DHA/EPA Omega-3 fatty acids....for your health!

Willowgrove Hill pigs are fed Omega-3 derived from human-grade fish oil, versus other products that contain ALA Omega-3 from flaxseed oil. The key difference is that flaxseed oil contains only alpha-linoleic acid (ALA), which is the parent compound from which other Omega-3 fatty acids are derived. This leaves it to the body to do the conversion to the other, more beneficial forms it needs, i.e., eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). The issue is that the conversion is not always efficient, and the body often uses the ALA for extra energy, leaving less for conversion to the other types, and resulting in less absorption of the Omega-3 that the body really needs. Fish oil, on the other hand, contains DHA and EPA and delivers nutrients directly to the body without the need for conversion. The human body does not produce these types of Omegas ‒ they must come directly from the diet. DHA supports the normal development of the brain, eyes and nerves. EPA is for the management of cardiovascular disease and promotes heart health.

Furthermore, Willowgrove Hill DHA/EPA Omega-3 pork is an excellent source of organic Selenium, a source of DHA/EPA
Omega-3 fatty acids, and is home raised without antibiotics or growth promotants.

Recommended Daily Intake of DHA/EPA Omega-3 and Selenium

Based on the total recommended daily intake of DHA/EPA Omega-3 and Selenium, the following chart illustrates how our products measure up per 100-gram serving:

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Total Omega-3* DHA/EPA* Selenium**
Bacon 27.13% 24.67% 70%
Pulled Pork 12.93% 18.00% 70%
Wieners 15.67% 8.00% 30%
Ham 6.67% 10.00% 42%
Pork Chops 25.33% 29.33% 110%
Cottage Roll 23.27% 28.00% 76%
Sausage 26.67% 27.33% 58%

* Suggested total Omega-3 intake for adults is 1,500 mg/day. DHA + EPA should be approx. 10% of total daily Omega-3 intake (i.e., 150 mg/day). Values are estimated.
**Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for Selenium as indicated by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is 15 mcg/day for children under 2 and 50 mcg/day for adults and children 2 years of age or older.

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Low in Sodium

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Toppings Wt (g) Sodium Levels (mg)
Conventional (Generic) Sausage 100 g 636 mg
Pillars Sausage 100 g 880 mg
President’s Choice Smoked Sausage 100 g 830 mg
Wegmans Fresh Pork Sausage 100 g 420 mg
WGH Sausage 100 g 440 mg
Conventional (Generic) Ham 100 g 1200 mg
Cooks Premium Ham 100 g 1088 mg
Schneider’s Ham 100 g 1016 mg
Pillars Ham 100 g 1160 mg
President’s Choice Glazed Ham 100 g 1210 mg
President’s Choice Vermont Ham 100 g 1210 mg
Wegmans Smoked Ham 100 g 875 mg
WGH Ham 100 g 950 mg
Conventional (Generic) Pepperoni 100 g 1653 mg
Schneider’s Pepperettes 100 g 1200 mg
Wegmans Sliced Pepperoni 100 g 1833 mg
WGH Pepperoni 100 g 770 mg
Conventional (Generic) Bacon 100 g 833 mg
Maple Leaf Foods Bacon 100 g 825 mg
President’s Choice Bacon 100 g 813 mg
Wegmans Regular Sliced Bacon 100 g 317 mg
WGH Bacon 100 g 910 mg
Pork Chop    
Conventional Pork Chop (bone-in) 100 g 57 mg
WGH Pork Chop (bone-in) 100 g 51 mg

Selenium: an antioxidant, considered an essential trace element in the human diet, with an established recommended dietary allowance by Health Canada.

Selenium: a dietary antioxidant involved in the formation of a protein that defends against oxidative stress.

DHA/EPA Omega-3 Fatty Acids: since lack of these fatty acids leads to deficiency symptoms and they can only be obtained from the diet, they are essential dietary nutrients.

DHA/EPA Omega-3: supports normal physical development of the brain, eyes and nerves.

For information on a significant amount of compelling human health research on DHA/EPA Omega-3, please visit www.heartandstroke.ca and www.dhaomega3.org.

Willowgrove Hill has eliminated the need for antibiotics in their product. Reducing the use of antibiotics helps to diminish the growing threat of antibiotic resistance in humans. It is also better for the environment, as it stops antibiotics from entering surface and ground water.

We encourage you to learn more about the health benefits of DHA/EPA Omega-3 and organic Selenium from the experts: your family doctor, Health Canada or the Canadian Medical Association.